How to earn from hubpages

If you have some good writing skills and want to earn online then this article is for you because hubpages is the best revenue sharing article writing site and you can also approve an adsense account with hubpages easily. If you haven’t listen about how to earn from hubpages then read this article carefully and create your hubpages account at the moment,it is free and takes only few minutes.It is as simple as creating an email account.

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So what is hubpages:-

If you don’t know about hubpages then it is a site that pay you for writing article there. They do not pay you direct per article but they share the revenue generated from your article with you and give you the opportunity to earn form your articles by four ways.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using hubpages for online earning:-

If you are confuse about joing hubpages then carefully read these pros and cons of hubpages and then decide whether you should join hubpages or not.

Pros of hubpages:-

  • Free way to earn online.
  • It gives you your own sub domain like blogger blogs.
  • No need to waste time on designing etc.
  • The layout is already optimized for searched engines.
  • You can earn a good money without investing any dime.
  • You don’t need to have your own blog to write articles and earn online.
  • Multiple monitization methods.
  • Easy to approve a hosted adsense for your hubpages account as it is partnered with adsense.
  • It has its own community which can solve your problems and drive some traffic also.

Cons of hubpages:-

  • It requires high quality and it publish those articles which has quality content.
  • You are not developing your own business when writing from hubpages like your own blog.
  • You need to apply some on page and off page seo to rank your articles in serps.
  • You receive 60 percent of adsense earning.
  • They can delete your articles or account any time.

After reading these points you can decide if you should work and earn from hubpages or not.

In my view it is a good way to earn passive income online from hubpages.

It is not an easy way to earn form this site but still it is better then other ways and the good thing is you will earn from your article written today for years until it is in published status.

So as your number of articles increases,your earning will also increases.

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How to earn from hubpages:-

After reading the above pros and cons if you have decided to earn form hubpages then read this article till end and follow this step by step guide to start earning form your hubpages account or blog.

Create account with hubpages:-

To start with you need to create your account and page.For that sign up at hubpages and choose your sub domain which will be like

Then confirm your email and sign in to your account.

Complete your profile by adding bio,your image etc and you are ready to post your first article.

Write article at hubpages:-

Then start writing articles and not only articles but high quality unique articles because every article at hubpages publishes after going through moderation.

Read their terms and conditions before writing articles and don’t include any links for link building etc.Write high quality article and wait for some time for approval.If your first article is approved there it means you have enough writing skills to earn online by cashing your writing skills.

How to monetize your hubpages articles:-

There are several ways to earn form your articles at hubpages i.e google adsense,amazon affiliate and hubpages ads system.

You can use multiple ways at the same time to maximize your earning.

If you want to earn via adsense then use your adsense ad code but if you have not an adsenes account then no need to worry you can create a hosted adsense account via hubpages.

For that, first write a few quality articles and then apply for adsense form your hubpages dashb0ard.Wait for some days and you will recieve an email that your account has been approved.

If you want to use amazon affiliate and hubpages ads then you can use it without any approval process from the very first day.

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Form editorial desk:-

If you are really interested in online earning via writing and do not want to invest online or you have not time to run your own blog, then hubpages is the best option for you.

With little knowledge of seo (search engine optimization) and some good writing skills with good English you can earn good money form hubpages because you are not the first one as many people are earning thousands of dollars every month form hubpages and you can find many payment proofs if you search about it in google.

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