How to earn from hubpages

If you have some good writing skills and want to earn online then this article is for you because hubpages is the best revenue sharing article writing site and you can also approve an adsense account with hubpages easily.

If you haven’t listens about how to earn from hubpages then read this article carefully and create your hubpages account at the moment,it is free and takes only few minutes.It is as simple as creating an email account.

So what is hubpages:-earn online from hubpages

If you don’t know about hubpages then it is a site that pay you for writing article there.

They do not pay you direct per article but they share the revenue generated from your article with you and give you the opportunity to earn form your articles by four ways.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using hubpages for online earning:-

If you are confuse about joining hubpages then carefully read these pros and cons of hubpages and then decide whether you should join hubpages or not.

Pros of hubpages:-

  • Free way to earn online.
  • It gives you your own sub domain like blogger blogs.
  • No need to waste time on designing etc.
  • The layout is already optimized for searched engines.
  • You can earn a good money without investing any dime.
  • You don’t need to have your own blog to write articles and earn online.
  • Multiple monitization methods.
  • Easy to approve a hosted adsense for your hubpages account as it is partnered with adsense.
  • It has its own community from where you can get visitors.

Cons of hubpages:

  • It gives sub domain.
  • You don’t own your site.
  • Adsense earning is low.
  • Hard to rank in serps then your own blog.
  • You cannot transfer it to your own blog.
  • Earning is shared with hubpages.

 How to earn from hubpages:

To start earning from hubpages, you would need to create an account.Starting account in hubpages is very easy.And if you can create email account, you can also create account on hubpages.

Click on join now (upper right corner) in hubpages site and fill the form.Then click on sign up at the end and your account will be created.

create account at hubpages

After that login to your email account and verify your email.

Then you can start posting your first article.But it is advisable to fill your profile first and then start working.You can add amazon affiliate from the first day and earn money.But for adsense, you would have to wait and write some post and then apply to adsense.

You can integrate google analytics as well with your hubpages account for checking your earning.

How to start earning at hubpages:

As mentioned earlier, you can start earning at hubpages from the very first day using amazon.But you would have to wait for adsense approval if you don’t have one.After that ads will start appearing on your site and you will earn money from clicks and impressions.

Things to remember while writing on hubpages:

  • Your post should be of high quality because they are manually reviewed.
  • You should not place links to other site.
  • You should write lengthy posts.
  • Your post should be unique.

When you follow this things, you posts will never be rejected and you will earn good.After writing post bring traffic to it and you will earn.The more traffic, the more will be revenue.

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