How to earn from google adsense

The most poplar and well known way to earn online is to earn from google adsense.Many people try to approve their adsense account but it is approved on only high quality sites.

If you also have a site or blog that receives high traffic, you should monetize it with one of the best advertising networks of the world.And that is google adsense.

What is google adsense:

If you still don’t know what is adsense. Then, it is advertising program of Google.And through this platform, Google allow website owners to monetize their sites/blogs.

Google has another platform called adwords. This is for advertisers. Advertisers advertise their sites or products via this platform and site owner show these ads on their sites via adsense platform.Google takes its share and pass the reaming fess to its publishers.

earn from google adsense

Google adsense quality:

Google adsense keeps its quality and that’s why its is the worlds best cpc and cpm network.It is very tough to get approve to adsense because of google strickt policies.Therefore if you want google adsense approval, you must mantain qualtiy of your site.You site should have high quality unique content and should meet google adsense criteria for getting approved at adsense.

Why google adsense for earning:

Why everyone wants to earn from Google adsense?The reason is that it pays better than all other CPC and CPM networks.And as it is owned by Google, you will never get scammed by them.Another reason is that if you use google adsense on your site/blog, your site will remain safe from malware etc.Because Google is very much serious about quality and will never show any ads that do harm to your sites.

Another reason for the popularity of adsense is that Google ads are very targeted.As they have large number of advertisers, the ads that would be shown on your pages will be highly related to the keywords of your site.Thus there would be high conversion rate.

Ways to earn from Google adsense:

There are some ways to earn from Google adsense which are following:


If you have blog, discussion form, static site or any type of site you can monetize it with goggle adsense.The way is to apply to adsense from the above link.And if Google approve your application, you would be able to show ads on your site.

But as i said above that getting your site approve with adsense is not easy at all.You would have to make your site according to Google policies.

Here is my detailed guide about how to make your site in accordance with adsense eligibility criteria.


You can also earn from adsense via YouTube videos.If you are passionate about making good videos, you can covert your passion to business.Just upload your videos to YouTube and enable adsense ads on it and earn money.

If this, you do’nt need to have approved adsense account.You can create hosted adsense account without any approval process for youtube. Through this account you will be able to earn from youtube only.You cannot use it on your site etc.

But if you have non-hosted adsense account approved via your site, then you don’t need hosted account.You can use that for your YouTube videos along with your site.


Hubpages is an adsense partner site.You can earn from hubpages in the same manner as YouTube.But in hubpages, you will not have to upload videos.Here you would have to writer posts like blogging.And you will show ads on your posts which are called hubs.

The account which will you approve via hubpages would be hosted adsense account.And you will not be able to use it on your own site or any other site.This account could be used only on hubpages.

But if you have normal/unhosted adsense account, you can use it on hubpages.

Other google partnered sites:

Like hubpages, there are many other google partnered sites, form which you can earn on the manner as on hubpages.

Google adsense is one of the most used way to earn online.And if you also want to earn from this method then start your own site or blog.If you already have, read my post from the above link and get your site approved by adsense.If you have any question regarding adsense, you can ask in comments below.I would be glad to help you out.


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