How to earn from freelancing sites

Freelancing is a good way to earn from internet and cash your skills.Many people are doing part time and some are doing full time freelancing to earn a living from internet.Freelancing is getting more and more popular day by day and many people are getting involved in it for earning some money, especially the students are doing quite good and many of the students have changed their lives due to freelancing.Here is my post about an Pakistani medical student who earned half million dollars from freelancing.And if you want to do the same then read this post and learn how to earn from freelancing sites.

What is freelancing:

Freelancing is the way to earn online by completing different orders.When someone need any service, he/she post about it in  a freelance site and then freelancers bid on the offer.A freelance who is given the task is get paid upon the competition of task.After getting orders from these sites most of the freelancers get regular work.The experience of a freelancer is determined from his profile in freelancing site and those who get more and more offers get higher ranking and they easily get offers due to their profile.

Some popular freelancing sites:

There are many freelancing sites, but some of them are the most popular and there are many chances of getting orders because there are more people who need freelancers for their work.But there is high competition as well between the freelancers in these sites and it needs effort to get work for the new freelancers.If you want to earn from freelancing sites, then create your account in all the sites given below and start bidding on jobs,Here is the list of most popular freelancing sites:

How to earn from these freelancing sites:

Earning from freelancing sites is very easy but at first it need some effert to get orders.You would need to bid on different jobs in which you are expert, but first you need to complete your profile for professional look.

There is alot of competition in these sites, so to get orders in beginning, you would need to impress other with your writing and low bid because many people also look at the price and thats why many newbie get work on freelancing sites due to their low bids and impressive and professional words.So in order to earn from these site in the beginning you would have to offer quality work at low cost.


Now a days one of the most popular freelancing site is fiverr.It is different from other freelacing sites in a way that the freelancer will publish his gig unlike others where those people who need services post jobs.

In fiverr, people that offer servier create their gig and sell these services for $5.Mostly they do some easy and short task for this price and due to this feature people buy more gigs on fiverr as compared to other freelancing sites.Here are my complete guide on how to start work on fiverr:


This is one of the most popular freelancing site, where hundred of jobs are posted everyday.So, if you want to be hired online then start your profile today on this site and start bidding on jobs.If you do everything correctly like explained above, you will most like get some orders.

How to earn from freelancing sites Elance Bangladesh via Compfight


This site is also same as elance and the process of bidding and getting jobs etc is almost same.

So, if you are expert in any field online then you can earn from freelancing site.The only thing you need is a computer and internet connection and you are ready to go.The best thing in freelancing is you dont need to invest anything.You can start at the moment and earn your first dollar at the same moment.So, if you are really serious about online earning and starting your online career, then go and try your luck in freelancing and then share you experience here with us in the comment section below.

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