How to earn from data entry

If you are searching for online earning ways then you would probably come across data entry.Many people earn from data entry because it doesn’t requires any skills or knowledge except typing.

The difficulty in these jobs is it is very hard to find legit sites as there are many scam sites and if you join them without any proper research then you will waste your time working for hours typing captcha etc.

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How to earn from data entry sites:-

If you don’t have knowledge about other online earning sites and you cannot earn by writing articles etc then this is the best way for you to earn some part time income.

If you get success in finding legit sites then you can work regularly and earn online.

There are two types legit data entry sites.One is captcha sites and other is freelancing sites where you can earn by doing data entry work for others.

So,in this article i am going to tell you how to use these type of sites and what are the advantages and disadvantages of earning from data entry sites.

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Pro and cons of earning from data entry sites:-


  • It doesn’t requires any particular knowledge or skills.
  • It is easy to do.
  • There are many legit sites which really pay you for data entry.
  • You need only a computer and internet connection to earn from these sites,no registration fees required.
  • You can work on multiple sites to maximize your earning.
  • Some of the captcha sites provide you software with the help of which you can earn more because the images loads fast.


  • There are many scam data entry sites.
  • These sites pay very low.
  • It is very booring to type those catchas.
  • The captcha loads very slow.

How to find legit data entry sites:-

As i said earlier there are two type of data entry works.One is captcha sites and other are freelancing sites.

Captcha sites:-

To earn from these sites you should be cautious because these type of have many scams.So before joning any site first research about it in google and after confirmation and finding payment proofs join the site.

I have also worked on these sites in beginning and have recieved many payments as well.And you can also earn from these data entry captcha sites.

Freelancing sites:-

In freelancing sites like elance and odesk etc there is a catagory of data entry.If you check it you will find that there are two types of jobs i.e fixed price jobs and hourly jobs.

These type of jobs  are legit espacially hourly jobs and they pay very high as compared to catpcha site and is very recommended.

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So if you have decided to earn online and want to earn some quick money than start using these sites.They will not earn you a full time income but you can make a few bucks daily and can invest them online to earn more and build your online business.

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