How to earn from captcha entry sites

If you have searched for online earning, you would probably come accross data entry jobs and earn online from captcha entry sites etc etc.

But what are these captcha entry sites.

Basically these sites will give you captcha to type and will pay some exact amount per 1000 correct entries.

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What is captcha:-

Captcha is an image that contains letters which are hard to find out.Usually humans can find it but computers and automated softwares cannot find it.

They are used to prevent spam.You must have come across it while registering at some site.

If you still have not an idea.look at the image below:

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Now if you know what is captcha, read this article and learn how you can earn from captcha entry sites.

Earn online from captcha entry sites:-

There are some sites which pay its members for captcha entry.
Usually they pay less then $1 per thousand correct entries but it is good for those who cannot earn online from other sources like article writing,blogging,freelancing etc.

How to work on captcha entry sites and earn online:-

If you don’t have other skills to earn online then you can earn from these captcha entry sites because they don’t need any special skills except writing.

If you have good writing skills then you can earn 2 to 3 dollars per hour.

I know this sounds very little but those who don’t have any skills and those who are from developing countries are earning good income online from these captcha entry sites because in these countries the value of dollar is high and for them it is good money.

If you are just a newbie and want to earn some money to invest online in your blog or want to invest in domains etc then captcha entry will help you to earn your first dollar online within 1 or 2 hours.

If you are interested and want to start working on these sites then register on sites like megatypers,protypers and captcha2cash etc.

There are many others.Just search for it in google. But remember there are many scam sites as well.So before registering and wasting your precious hours research well for them to save your time.

After joining a few sites start working on them but remember enter correct catpcha and if you are not sure about any particular captcha then click on next and enter another one.

Most of these sites ban the members who enter incorrect captcha which exceeds some particular range.

So be careful while entering the captcha.

Why you should join captcha entry sites:-

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of earning online from captcha entry sites.

Pro of earning from captcha entry sites:-

  • It is easy way to earn online.
  • It doesn’t require any skills.
  • You can work anytime according to your own will.
  • You can earn by referring others to these sites.
  • You can earn more with softwares(but be cautious from scams).
  • Most of them have low minimum payout.

Cons of earning from captcha entry sites:-

  • It is very boring.
  • There are many scams.
  • It pays very low.
  • They pay less them motioned rates.

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Scams in captcha entry sites:-

If you want to start work on these sites then join them after proper research because most of them will not pay you.

You can find about them on google and after reading some positive reviews you can join them but if there are some negative reviews them don’t join them instead find others.

There are many people selling captcha entry software using which you can earn more because in these softwares the images load fast.

Most of these softwares are also also scam and some people will steal your hard earned money because the software which they provide you will be in their control and when you earn some money they will withdraw it into their own account.So be cautious.

Final words:-

If you are a beginner in online earning field then you can start your online earning career with these sites.You can earn some bucks daily and then use this money to buy domain and hosting and you can also invest it in Forex etc to earn more.

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