Domian business

Domain names are the name of web sites that represent some brand or a website.Domain can be registered at very low price.Its fee is annual.There are many registrars that provide the services to register your domain.Thousands of domains are registered daily.Some people register domain to create a web site and some people register it to sell.

Yes,you can sell your domain and in fact it is a big business.Many domains are bought and sold daily.These people register good domain and sell them at high price when there is a demand.As domain can be registered at low free starting from $10 therefore these people register large number of free domain and then earn from them from many ways.

Here i am going to list some ways to earn form a domain name:

Selling domains:-

The first and foremost way is to register some good domain,if they are not register yet and then wait for offer.It can take years or weeks.So be patient and look for people who are interested in buying these domains.

You can also sell them on marketplace like etc to sell your domain or sell it privately.

In spite of registering available domian,you can also buy a domain from someone else if he is selling some good domain on low cost.You can sell it then on higher price.

Expired domains:-

When domains expire,you can buy them in auction or register them it they are available at some price after expiry.This is good way to find some valuable domains but it need search and some hard work.

Park domains:-

If you have many domains that you have register to sell,you can earn from them at the moment and when you get an offer,you can sell it then.

To do so,you can park it at some company which will show ads on it and give you revenue generated from it.You can also find advertisers for it and park it using your own hosting.But for this,you will need to design it.

You can also put affiliate banners on it and when someone buys product from you link,you will get commission.This need your own hosting and design as well.But you will keep all the revenue your self.

Develop the domain:-

If you have knowledge of coding and you can design a web page,you should develop micro site on domain with a few pages or few article that is related to the domain name and then find advertisers or use affiliate to earn from this site.

Build some links to it and get traffic from search engines,which will convert into revenue.

You can sell such site on much higher price than the domain alone.


This was a short guide on domain business.Domains are valuable assets and can be used a an online business but need some knowledge.So if you want to dive in this business,first gain some knowledge about how to choose domain and how to sell them.There are plenty guides,blogs and e books both free and paid on Internet that can help you start this business.



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