Difference between blog and website

There are many type of websites.And one of then include blog.If you are confused between blog and website.Then read this post learn what is the difference between blog and website.


Webiste is a web based property that is avaible to everyone that is connected to internet.And it could be of many types.There are some sites that are static while others are dynamic.

In the beginning there were only static sites and people used to create every page of the site manually.Which would take much time and that was the reason very less sites were created only by companies and webmasters etc for earning puposes.

difference between blog and website

But after the development of dynamic sites which is also called web 2.0, it becoame easy to start and manage a silte.And now, there are many types of sites for different purposes.Here are some of them:

Different types of sites:

  • Blogs
  • Discussion forums
  • Social networking sites
  • Question and answers sites
  • Wiki sites
  • Image galleries
  • And many more

What is blog:

Blog is one of the type of website, that is widely used as compared to other type of websites.It is informative site and contains content.

Learn what is blog,blogging and who is blogger

In the begging it was difficult to start a blog and only webmasters used to create site for themselves and for other at high prices.Becuase of the static web properties.But now it is not the case.Now a days there are many blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress etc which makes this work very easy.And everyone can start a blog even for free.You a days you would not need to hire any proffesionla to create a blog for you.But if you want unique theme etc then you would need to hire someone for it.

What is the difference between blog and website:

Blog and website are not different things because as I mention earlier that blog are type of website and it is baically the same as other types of websites.You can understand the difference between a blog and website with this one line:

“Every blog is a website, but not every website is a blog”

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