How to delete a blogger blog permanently

If you are a blogger user and want to delete a blogger blog permanently because you don’t use it or want to create a new blog,or want to start a self hosted wordpress blog or for any reason,then this article will guide you on how to delete blogger blog.

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Step by step guide to delete a blogger blog with images:-

Follow this step by step guide to delete your blog on blogger.

Step 1:-

Login to blogger dashboard and navigate to settings.

delete blogger blog 1

Step 2:-

Click on others and then click on delete blog.A pop up will appear.Click on delete blog and your blog will be deleted from there.

delete blogger blog 2

delete blogger blog 3

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Now delete your blog permanently:-

You will notice that your blog is deleted but it is not deleted completely and you can restore it within 90 days.After that you will only be able to restore it if you have a backup.So read this guide and backup your blogger blogger blog before deleting it.

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