Create a verified paypal account in unsupported countries

     Paypal is the best online e currency.Which is used by many sites for online purchases and transactions.Also if you are selling your services online and earning online then most of the sites will pay you via paypal,So it becomes very difficult for those people to use these services who’s countries are not supported by payal.
  Unfortunately paypal didn’t accept some countries and therefore it become difficult for the people of that countries to market online and build their online careers.So they try to create it via there friends and relatives abroad or they try other things.There are many ways to get an verified paypal account in unsupported countries but the way i am going to describe is the one most accurate and easy way to get paypal in unsupported countries because i have tried it myself and i have also done a few transactions with this account and i think this trick is more safe then other tricks plus with tricks you can also verify paypal account.

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Why you should create a Paypal account:-

  If you want to build your online career and earn from internet then without paypal account it is difficult to achieve your goals because many sites that pay users for doing work online supports only paypal like fiverr.
 If your are web developer,web designer, blogger or you want to buy and sell domains (domain business),then without paypal it would be a very difficult task.
 If you want to purchase something else then also you can use paypal because almost all sites supports paypal.

How to create a paypal account in unsupported countries:-

   Here is a step by step guide on how to create paypal account through payoneer.

Step 1.Sign up for a payoneer account:-

   Sign up for a payoneer account here and provide all correct details.

Step 2.Provide your identity:-

  You will receive an email to verify your identity.So send them a scanned copy of your id card or driving license etc in mail.

Step 3.Apply for U.S payment service:-

  When your identity is approved you will receive and they will ask you that you want to use US payment service or not apply for it and answer a few easy question.You will receive details of your US payment service which you will use to verify payal.

Step 4.Receive your payoneer master card:-

  After 20 to 40 days you will receive your card in home which you will use to withdraw your money from paypal via ATM.

Step 5.Create an account in Paypal:-

  Create a paypal account and select your country as US.Use all the details fake.You can get the details from fake name generator.
  Now you can easily verify with your account with the details from payoneer US service.
  Use bank in paypal verification and add all the information from payoneer US payment will receive two small transaction in your payoneer account put that amount in paypal and your account will become verified.
  Now you can also add your payoneer master card to it because some sites accept paypal that is connected with credit card.

How to remain safe:-

   As you know that it is a fake account and paypal can limit it if they find it fake.So dont’t keep large amount in it.Whenever you receive money from some one transfer it to payoneer and collect it from ATM using your card.

Things to care about:-

  • Never receive money from unsafe person(unverifeid).
  • Don’t make any refund.
  • Always clear history,cache,cookies before and after logging in.

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