Create self hosted wordpress blog-beginners guide

No doubt,wordpress is one of the best and widely used blogging platform.Self hosted wordpress is used by majority of blogger because it is free and easy to use because of thousands of plugins.Plugins are available for everything which save a lot of time and work.Also they are helpful because it works without any knowlege of coding.You can do almost all things using these plugins if you dont know coding.It also automates many processes.

You can use your self hosted blog for any purpose.You are not bound to any one like google blogger where they can delete your blog any time and other platforms that don’t allow you to monetize your blog etc etc.

With self hosted wordpress blog you can work according to your own will and you are the owner of your blog.You can do any thing with it.You can sell it as well because it is your online property and no one can do anything to your blog.

Instead of these above points which i discussed,there are other uncountable advantages of using self hosted wordpress as your blogging platform.It is easy to create one but it is not free.You will need to invest some money to create your blog using wordpress software.Although wordpress software is free but it requies web hosting to host your site on and a domain name.Below is the step by step guide on how to create a self hosted wordpress blog.


How to create a self hosted wordpress blog:-

As i said earlier wordpress is free but you will need hosting and domain name and for that you will need to spend some money.

There are some hosting companies that provide free wordpress hosting or simply free hosting and also provide a free sub domain.But these are not recommended because they can delete your account any time without any reason and if they do so you will lose all your data and all of your hard work will waste if you have not back up of your content when they delete your account.Some examples are 000webhost and 5freehosting etc

If you want to create personal blog or no profit blog than you can use free hosting or you can create a free blog with blogger.

Here is a step by step guide to create your self hosted blog using wordpress.

Register your domain name:-

Domain name is the url of your site like etc.There are many tlds available such as .com .net .org etc.You can register with any tld according to your will.Choose your domain name unique and easy to remember because it will represent your brand.

There are many domain registrar but always register your domain with reputable registrar such as godddy or namecheap etc.

From my experience namecheap is better than godaddy for some reasons and my domains are also registered with them.So it is highly recommended.As the name shows its prices are also better than other registrars.

Buy web hosting:-

Web hosting is web space where your site will be acctually located.There are many hosting providers but you should go for the one which is cheap as well as provide good customer support.In the beginning you can choose low space hosting because you will not have any content in the beginning but when write a lot of articles and your visitors increases you can upgrade it any time.Wordpress hosting starts from $3 per month.It depends on different company.Choosing your hosting is the most important part of creating a blog with wordpress.Therefore you must select one after searching about it on google and read different reviews.

The most popular hosting providers are hostgator and bluehost.Both of them provide good hosting with excellent customer service at very affordable prices.You can check the plans on their site and buy one according to your own will.Use discount coupons and register for longer time.It will give you much more discount if you are using hostgator.They also provide free trail to check their service.

Buy hosting from that company which allow one click wordpress installation because it is difficult to install wordpress manually.Hostgator and bluehost provide this facility.

Connect hosting and domain:-

When you register your domain and buy hosting then you will need to connect both in order to make your site visible on internet.If you buy both domain and hosting from same company than this step is not required.

In order to connect them.First find the nameservers of your hosting.It will be in the email which you received from your hosting company after registration.If you don’t find it contact your hosting provider.Then log in to your domain registrar site and updated the name servers in your domain.Paste these name servers in the name servers option given there.

Allow it to connect.It can take upto 12 hours.

Install wordpress:-

After connecting your hosting and domain go to your hosting cpanel and install wordpress.If it allows one click wordpress installation then its good.Other wise you will do it manually.

After installing wordpress your can access your wordpress dashboard by entering (instead of xyz put your domain name) in your browser.Then log in with your username and password.

You can write your first post.Delete the post and comment already present.Upload a new theme.There are many free and paid themes available.Install some necessary plugins and enjoy blogging with wordpress.