How to create and rank gig on fiverr

Fiverr is one the most popular freelance site where hundreds of people are working and earning good income.Even some of them are earning a living from it and others are earning part time from it.If you read stories of different people, you will be amazed to see that there is unlimited potention of earning from fiverr.

What is fiverr:-

For those who still dont know what is fiverr?Fiverr is a marketplace or you can say a freelance site where people sell their services (called gigs) for $5 or more.The best thing about fiverr is that one can get work done only for $5 and that is the reason of popularity of fiverr.

If you are not aware about how the fiverr works, here is my post.Read it first and then come here and learn how to create and rank gig on fiverr:What is fiverr and how to earn from it.

create and rank gig on fiverr

How to create and rank gig on fiverr:-

If you know a little about fiverr and want to try out you luck, then start your fist gig on fiverr and try to rank it.If you get a few order then it is possible that your gig rank much higher if the buyers gives you positive review.

If you have never started a gig on fiverr or you started before but didn’t get any orders then follow this tutorial and check out whether it works for you or not.

Thinks to take care before starting a gig on fiverr:-

Here are some important things which you should keep in mind before creating your gig because these things play an important role in the success of your gig.

  • You gig should be unique.
  • There should be buyer of the services which you are going to sell.
  • There should be less competition on fiverr for that services which you are going to offer.

These three points are very important and if one of them is not fulfilled then look for another gig becuase if your gig is very much unique and there is less competition but there are not buyers,you will not earn any money.Or if your gig is unique and there are buyers as well but if the compeition between the sellers is high then your chances of getting orders will be low.So before selecting your gig, first do a good research and then decide to start gig on it.

How to start gig on fiverr:-

In fiverr, you would have to create your gig which people will order.To start your gig you will need to do some research mentioned above and then you would have to create or find an image and video.It will give good look and will show how professional you are plus they will also help in boosting your gig ranking in fiverr.

Also find good and relevant tags.You can also collect them from other gigs that are ranking high for your keywords and use them your gigs.

How to rank your gig on fiverr:-

To rank your gig, you need to do some extra work.Most of the people just create gigs and left them and think that they will get a lot of offers and some get as well.But if you really want to get orders then you will have to do something to rank your gig high in fiverr searches.For this you will have to do a few things:

You should find some good keywords and include it in your gig title and tags.Then you should use images and video.If you create your own then that would be great and last you would need to get good reviews.For that you will have to buy you own gig from another account or tell someone to buy it and give you good reviews.This will help a lot in your gig to rank high.But if you get orders on the first or second day then don’t buy your own gig.Just deliver the best and they will give you good review which will help to rank your gig high.

I hope that this tutorial will help you a lot to create and rank a gig on fiverr and you will earn some good money from it.If you have any questions, you can ask here in the comment section below.

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