Steps to create quality content

If you are online writer or blogger, you would have heard many times that quality content is the king.

It is hundred percent correct and now a days google only rank those posts which give value to readers and solve their problems.

Now if you are a good writer but new to blogging and online writing world, you need to learn a few things because blogging is not just writing good posts.It is about taking care of your readers and finding their problems and seo etc.


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How to write quality content:-

Today i am writing this post to tell you some basic things which you should consider while writing and publishing an article online.

First and most important “Research”:-

No one is perfect in this world.Even if you are an expert in your field,You should do some research before posting anything on your blog.Because there would already be many other posts on the same topic on internet and if want yours to be the best then you would need to gather all the information and mention every thing about the topic in your post.

For this post use google and read a few posts about the topic.

Gather some important points from every posts, so that you cover all the points in your post.

Make heading and subheading and then start to write your post.

Second is keyword research(for ranking in search engines):-

Do you know the main difference between a blogger and a writer.A writer just write for people but a blogger write for people as well for search engines and that’s why you should include keyword research as well in your to do list while going to write a post your blog or any other website.

In order to bring people to read your article, you need to do some on-page seo as well and keyword research is one important part of it.

Keyword research is one of the most important factor of ranking a site in google and you need to do it properly.

Here is a complete list of things you need to take care of for on-page seo.

Crafting your post:-

After getting ideas about the topic and your keywords, now it is time to start writing your post.

Use the list of important points and first describe the topic in your first paragraph.

Then use h1 and h2 tags and list your points with brief descriptions.Write in a way like you are talking to someone.It gives good impression.

Don not write long paragraphs instead write short sentences because they are easily understood and ranks better as well.

Write every thing in detail and if you post is tutorial then capture images or create a video and add it to your post.It helps in understanding of reader and makes you post seo friendly as well.

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Use images in your posts:-

Use of images makes your post interesting and helps in understanding of your reader.It is also said by experts that an image is worth thousand words and it is completely true.People like posts with images and it also help you to get some visitors from google images and other search engines.

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Do not end your post without writing summary or conclusion.You can also ask your readers about their opinion on the topic depending on the type of post.

Do not make it long.A few lines is enough because if you write things which you have already mentioned in the post, it will make your reader leave your site, so try not to write things again and again.

And at the end i would like to say that don’t make your post very long unless it is very interesting because if your post is very long the reader will just click back and will not read the complete post.


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