How to create a gravatar

If you are a blogger, then you must have seen other people images in comments.

Basically this is added automatically due to a software called gravatar.It recognizes avatar automatically and you don’t need to have accounts for every site to have your images with blog comments.

This gravatar feature is mostly present in wordpress blog.And when you comment there your image will automatically added to the comment only if you have a gravatar account.

If you also want to create a gravatar then follow this guide,here i will show you step by step with image how to create a gravatar account and add your image to it.

If you still don’t know about gravatar then, look at the image below.


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Advantages of having a gravatar account:-

Here are some of the advantages of having a gravatar.

  • It gives you identity in blogging world.
  • It helps you increase you traffic.
  • It increases trust rate.
  • It help you to grow your blog.
  • It increases click through rate to your blog from comments, thus improve ranking in serps as well.

How to create a gravatar (a step by step guide with images):-

After reading the above advantages, if you are serious about blogging and your blog then follow this tutorial and create a gravatar account today.

Step 1. Create an account at

Go to gravatar official site and create your account.

Remember, if you have already an account then you don’t need to create an account at gravitar because it is already just login with your username and password.

how to create gravatar

Step 2.Verify your email account:-

After You create your account at gravitar, an email with a confirmation link will be send to your email which you had entered while sign up at gravitar.

Click on the link and your account will be created.

Step 3. Add other emails if needed:-

You can add other emails to your gravitar as well.You can do so from your gravatar dashboard.

Step 4. Add image to your gravatar account:-

Now the final step is to add your image.You can add multiple images to your gravatar from your dashboard but you can make only one a primary image.

Check your gravatar:-

Now if every thing is done.Log out form your gravatar account and add a comment to any wordpress blog post.But remember use only that email account which you have added to your gravatar account.

If you have followed all the steps correct, then you will see an image with your comment.

If it doesn’t appear, allow it some time and check back after a day or two.If still it doesn’t appear then there would be some problem with your account.

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From editorial desk:-

If you have a blog and want to promote it via blog commenting, then go and create a gravatar account today because it will help you to gain trust and reputation in blogosphere.

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