How to create facebook page for blog

If you have a blog and want to share your post and other stuff on Facebook.Then the best way is to create Facebook fan-page for your blog.It is a good idea and many business owner are getting a lot of visitors from Facebook and most of them convert as well.

So, if you want to increase your audience/readers or want to help your readers find your posts easily then create Facebook page for blog/site today and flourish your brand via social sites.

Why you should create Facebook fan page for your site:

Almost all the famous bloggers have presence on social site and majority of their site traffic comes from these sites.So, if you are serious with your brand and want to get traffic from these social networking sites then go and create account on it on it today.

Another reason for creating social accounts is that, now a days google and other search engines have added social signals into their ranking factors.And many professional have noted that social presence can boost your site ranking in serps.

Another benefits of have a fan page is that if someone likes your content he will either subscribe or either become fan on your Facebook page.So, if you have facebook page like box on your site, he/she will easily like it and if he forget about your site, your post on your fb page will again divert him to your site and finally he/she will become your regular reader.

So, if you want all these benefits, you should go and create a fan page for your site becuase it takes only a few minutes to create this account but its impact or visitors is very good.

Step by step guide (with images) to create Facebook fan-page for your blog:

Here is a step by step guide to create a fan page for your blog.Follow these steps and you would have your blog fan page live in the next 5 minutes:


Log in to your facebook account.If you don’t have one or want to create your page on other account then create a new one here.

Step 2:

Click on the arrow on the left top side and click on create page.Or click here.

Step 3:

A page like the below image will open.

create facebook page for blog

Step 4:

Now click on brand or product in the upper right box.

Step 5:

Then choose your category and brand name.In brand name you can add your blog title.

In the category, select website.

start facebook page for your blog/site

Step 6:

Then fill basic information about your blog including your blog address/url.

Last step:

Add your profile picture and cover photo etc.If you have logo for your site,it is recommended to add it as your profile picture.It will help your readers to find your blog or new visitors to remember your page and site.

You should also add facebook like box on your blog side bar for more likes and fans.

Final words:

Now, when you are all done, it is a time to update your blog facebook fan page regularly to make new fans.The more like you have on your page, the more traffic will it send to your blog.

Hope this guide answer all the questions.If not, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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