How to add a contact form in blogger

Most blogger start their blogging career with blogger/blogspot blog.But as blogger has not plugins like wordpress where you can add a contact form just by one click using a plugin called contact form 7, these blogger get confused how to add a contact form to blogger and start searching for that.

When i started my first blog on blogger,i was also searching for that and after using wordpress i found that it is very easy to add a contact form in wordpress as compared to blogger.

Although adding a contact form to blogger blog is not that much hard but still new blogger without any knowledge of coding etc get confused.

So here is a step by step guide with images on how to add a contact form to blogger blog.

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Add a contact page to blogger

Advantages of adding a contact form to blogger blog:-

  • It makes your blogger look professional, if you have a good looking contact us page.
  • It makes it easy for your readers to reach you instead of going to their email account and sending you message.
  • If you don’t have a custom email (most blogger with free blog don’t have one) then it makes good impression because the reader will not know that you don’t have a custom email.
  • You can avoid spam as well if you add some captcha etc because when you give your email publicly on your contact page, many people will copy it and then will send you spam emails.Although it only reduce spam to some extent.

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Step by step guide to add a contact form to blogger blog (with images):-

step 1:-

Use this site to create your contact form for your blogger blog.It also add an anti spam protection to contact forms.

I use it on my blog and it works good.

Fill out your details as given below in image and click on create formular at the end.

You can adjust colors etc.See the preview of form at the end of page.

Add a contact page to blogger 1

Step 2:-

Copy the html code from there and login to your blogger dashboard.

Add a contact page to blogger 2

Step 3:-

Go to pages and create a new page.Name it “contact” or “contact us”.

Add a contact page to blogger 3

Step 4:-

In blogger page editor click on html and paste the code there.

Add a contact page to blogger 4

You are done.Now just see a preview of your contact form.If everything looks good publish your page and include its link in your navigation bar or in header or footer,what ever you likes.

From editorial desk:-

This was a short guide which can help a lot newbie bloggers because they face a lot of problems while designing their new blog and find it difficult to do these simple tasks.Even i spend some extra time learning these things and designing my blog.

If you haven’t created your contact page in blogger yet then don’t waste more time and create one at the moment because it takes only 5 to 10 minutes but makes your blog look professional. Also you can create a best looking newsletter widget for blogger. Here is the step by step guide.

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