Some common ways to build links-beginners guide

If you are a blogger then you would definitely know the importance of link building.

Many blogger want to build links to their blog but lack the ideas where to get links from and that why i am writing this post to tell you how to build links from different sources.

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linkbuilding guide for beginners

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Some ways to build links:-

Most of you would build links from a few sources but there are still many others that are common sources of link building and you can build some fast links there without much effort.

You may get many no follow links as well but do remember that no follow links have also some value and if you build only do follow links, it will look spamy and unnatural to google and other search engines.Therefore you should use the below mentioned ways to build both do follow and no follow links to have a good natural link profile.

1.Build links from blog comments:-

This one is the most common way and most of the blogger use this method to build links, even i prefer this method because it is very easy and takes a few minutes to build these links.

There are many blogs that allow do follow links from comments and you can easily build some high quality links from these sites but as i said earlier it is advised to use both do follow as well and no follow blog for commenting to build a natural profile.

1.What are the benefits of blog commenting:-

There are many benefits of blog commenting except links and that the reason it is the most favorite way to build links because you get other benefits from it as well.

Here are some of the benefits of blog commenting except building links.

  • You make new blogger friends.
  • People know about you and your blog.
  • It shows your knowledge when someone reads your comment.
  • It make you new readers.
  • It shows your presence in blogosphere.
  • You learn new things.

Things to remember while building links via blog commenting:-

Now after reading the above benefits, you should also be aware how to comment on blog to make back links otherwise the admin of the blog will delete your comment and consider it as spamming.

  • Always provide value and don’t comment just for links.
  • Read the article complete before commenting.
  • Do not post irrelevant comment.
  • Help other by providing some useful information.
  • Don’t just write great post etc but write detailed comment.
  • Never include non related links in your comment, it is equal to spamming.

Now if you know how to comment on blogs to build links go and create some backlinks by commenting on related blogs and make it your daily routine.

2.Build links via guest posting:-

This is a great way to build high quality do follow links and new readers as well.When you post guest post on established blog you show your knowledge to the readers of that blog and most of them will visit your blog and will convert to your regular readers.

Thus guest posting not only helps to make you do follow links but also help in establishing your brand and it makes the process of marketing easy.

Things to remember while posting guest posts:-

  • Write quality content otherwise the blog owner will not publish your post.
  • As Matt cutts has said that guest blogging should be of high quality, therefore make your links no follow or post related links inside the post.
  • Only publish guest posts on blogs that are related to your blog niche.
  • Write long and quality post that attract visitors.
  • Provide some unique content.
  • Publish guest posts only on established blogs that are related to your blog niche.

Don’t build all the links to your home page from guest post.Include your related content in your guest posts and if possible link to your categories.

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3.Build links from social sites:-

Now a days social shares and links are considered while ranking any page in serps. So.So create social profiles for your blog and regularly share your articles there.

You can create as profiles on as many social sites as you want to build links and get traffic but popular site like Facebook, twitter and Google plus are must.

And you can also get a do follow backlink from google plus which is a page rank 9 sites and it will help a lot in increasing your blog page rank and ranking in serps.

Googel consider the social signals because one can build many links by spamming and automated ways to rank his site in serps but when someone likes any content they share it on their social profiles and this is the single that these links are of high quality.

Some tips to build links from social sites:-

Here i am giving some tips which will help you to make some high quality links from these social sites.

  • Create social profiles for your blog.
  • Update the profiles regularly.
  • Many sites allow you to create profile links like google plus, pinterest etc and most of these links are do follow, so they help you to get a do follow link from high page rank sites.
  • Use facebook groups and share your articles.It will get a lot of traffic and you will get a relevant link.(although it is no follow but still it is of high quality).

4.Build Profile links:-

Profile links either it is from social sites, forums or any others site help you to boost your ranking in serps and get you a good page rank because these links shows that your blog is active among all the social sites and forums and therefore these links are of high quality.

You can find many site that allow do follow link in profile and all you need is to create an account and all a link.

It takes a few minutes and you can build some do follow high page rank links daily from some popular sites.

5.Build links from discussions forums:-

Discussion forums are useful sites to learn new things and plus if you have a blog you can promote it as well in you signature and get link from profile as well.

You can also build links by using them as source or citation in your comments which are of high quality and flow a lot of traffic.

These links can be of great benefit if you build it correctly because if you build too many links form one forum or create many forum profile links then it can harm your seo because it is spam practice.

Don’t buy forum profile links because as i said these are spam links and can harm your site seo.Build them manually and don’t build them in large quantity.

6.Web directories,blog directories,rss directories:-

Building links from these directories are of great benefit because most of them are of high page rank and also most of the links are do follow which increase page rank.

You can also get some good traffic from them and it can increase you domain authority as well.

From editorial desk:-

This was the list of some common ways to build back links.

If your blog is new and you want to increase page rank,domain authority and want to get some free high quality targeted traffic then make use of these ways to grow your blog and build links.

Follow the tips given above and never practice any spam or black hat method because it can ruin your blog.If you don’t know then research or ask me here in comments but use these methods wisely because any small mistake can harm your blog.Because in link building, you can make links from every way by two methods, one is white hat method and other is black hat but you should always apply while hat technique and to learn that you should research and join some seo forums.


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