Some common benefits of blogging

If you are reading this post,it means you know what is blogging and want to know how blogging can be beneficial to you.

If you are still new and don’t know what is blogging then you are advised to read this post first:Meaning of blogging,blogger and how to start blogging

If you think that blogging is writing online on your site to earn money then your thinking about blogging is very limited because blogging is very vast topic and it has many more positive impacts on people lives other then money.

There are many bloggers out there who make a decent income from their blogs but it doesn’t means that blogging is a business and one should start it if one want to build his online business and want to earn online.

Just search the web and you will find many hobby blogger who are doing a great job without earning any penny and they help other solving their problems via their writing and many people appreciate them for their work as well.

Being a blogger for more than six months, i can say that i have gained many benefits from my blogging career and still i haven’t earned a single dollar but the other benefits which i got from blogging are enough for me to keep up blogging and keep the money making benefit at a side.

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Some important benefits of blogging:-


The best benefit of blogging in my view is that you learn many new things very day and when you write articles and those topics,you learn them even more better and then you never forget it.


Blogging makes you able to do research and you learn how to do research correctly.

When you are going to write about something and you don’t have much information, you will definitely go out and do some research.This will help you to learn more and make your articles of better quality.

You will become expert in your niche:-

If you are interested in any particular topic and want to become expert in that topic then the best way to fulfill your goal is to start a blog on that topic(niche),as you will research for your article to keep quality high and due to this research and writing you will become expert in your niche in a short span of time.


This is one of my favorite benefit of blogging.As blogging is a social activity and if your confidence level is very low then blogging will help you because you will interact with many people and when you write and people read it and find mistakes in it and then comment,you will experience and your confidence will boost naturally.


This is the benefit for which majority of people start and and that is the reason so many blogs exist.

If there were no money making feature of blogging, very few people would blog only to help others or to get popular.

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Social presence:-

Blogging is a social activity and it makes you social due to the commenting feature of blogs.

Other bloggers will comment and ask questions.Some will contact you via your contact page and will ask questions and this act will make you new relationships.

There are many blogging communities and social groups as well which makes blogging more social. So if like socializing but you don’t have confidence then start blogging, it will help in improving both.

Blogging makes you popular:-

Yes, you will get popular but only when alot of people start reading your blog post and if they like your work they will recommend it to others as well, which will make you more popular and make you more money.

Even high quality and hard work will rank your posts in search engines as well, which will help more in making you popular.

Writing skills:-

As blogging is based on writing and it will improve your writing skills day by day.

After a few months of regular blogging,you will notice that your writing skills has improved a lot and people will also tell you in comments etc that your articles and English is improving which will makes you more confident.

You are developing a business:-

As blogging is a business and if you start blogging just as a hobby it doesn’t means that you will never earn from your blog but you are building your own business which will earn you some decent income in future if you don’t quit blogging and do it regularly.

Some extra knowledge like SEO:-

When you start blogging and your traffic didn’t increase,you will start learning things like search engine optimization,social media optimization,online marketing etc which will help you to have some extra knowledge and you can utilize this knowledge any time at the time of need, even you can earn some decent income by utilizing them for your own or by selling your services in these fields.

Help others:-

If you are blogging then you are helping many people who even you don’t know because when you write articles they are available to the people all over the world and they will come across it via search engines or social networking site etc.

You will feel proud,when someone comment and tell that you have solved his problem and your interest towards blogging will increase more.

There are many other benefits of blogging which can make this article very lengthy but i think these are the most common and best benefits of blogging and they are enough to encourage one to start his own blog today.

So if you are still to start a blog then don’t waste more time and start your blog today.If you have any problem you can ask me and i will be glad to help you.

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