How to capture screenshot on pc

You would need many times your pc screenshot to share it with someone.Or to share it online.If you are finding a way to capture screenshot on pc, then you are at the right place.

Here i am going to tell you two ways to capture your pc screenshot.One of way is capturing it directly, while the one is to capture your screenshot with software.

Usually, people think it difficult to catpure their screen, but actually it is one of the easiest thing you can do.It will take your 3 minutes when you do it directly and if you use software, then it will take your just one minute.So learn both of the ways and then try the one which you like.

Step by step guide to capture your pc screenshot (with images):-

As i mentioned above that you can capture your pc screen, either directly or with the help of software.Here, both of the ways are described:

Capture screenshot on directly:

To capture screenshot directly from your pc, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Open the page you want to capture.

Step 2:

Press on the print screen button, which is usually present at the upper right side of your keyboard.

Step 3:

Open paint.If you don’t know where is paint.Go to start then all programs then accessories and then click on paint to open it.

Step 4:

After opening paint, press control plus “V” together.You screenshot will be visible now.If you want to edit it, do it and then save your image in your desired format.

Capture screenshot via software:

If you are not comfortable with capturing your pc screenshot directly, you can use a free software to capture it.The software is free and it would save your time while taking your screenshot.

The software which i am talking about is called capture-a-screenshot.You can download it from here.Here is a step by step guide to use capture-a-screenshot.

Step 1:

Download the software from above link.

Step 2:

Open the software.There are three options, that are:Entire screen,active window and selection.

how to capture a screenshot on pc

Step 3:

Open the page, that you want to capture and then open the software.If you want to capture the entire screen, check the entire screen option.But if you want to capture limited region, then check selection and click on capture button.Select the screen and your image will be automatically captured and saved on your desktop.

Final words:

This was a short guide on how to capture screenshot on pc.If have any questions, or want to give any suggestion, use the comment section below to reach us.

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