Can we use infolinks with adsense ads?

If you have a site/blog and it receives some good traffic then you must think about monitoring that traffic. Because even if you have a hobby blog, then you should earn some money to cover up your domain and hosting bills or something else like if you are a student, you can pay your fees and other expenses just by monetizing your blog. But it is only possible if your blog receives good traffic.

When it comes to monetizing and advertising, the big brand that comes to our mind is google adsense. The reason of its popularity is that it belongs to google and it has many advertisers and they have good quality control. And everyone wants to display ads from google on their site. But sometime it becomes a little hard to get adsense approval and thus you must go for some other advertising company.

But sometime blog owners have google adsense accounts and they are already using it but they want to earn some more money and increase their revenue, and in this case they want to find an advertising company that earn then some money and don’t harm their google adsense account. For this, they find many networks but all are not compatible with adsense because it could ban your adsense account.

In such situation, adverting networks like infolinks are very helpful because their ads are totally different from adsense ads and will not cause any problem to your adsense account.

As it is clearly written in google terms that you can use other advertising networks in addition to adsense but their ads should not look similar to adsense. And if we look to infolinks it provides totally different ads from adsense because their ads are text link ads that are totally different from adsense ads.

If you don’t know about adsense or infolinks, read this:

Google adsense:

Google adsense is an online advertising network/platform that enable webmasters and bloggers to monetize their sites and earn revenue from their traffic. You can learn more about adsense here.


Infolinks is a text based online advertising network, that enable its publishers to earn revenue from their sites using four types of ads.

Infolinks with adsense:

can we use infolinks with adsense

As it is already discusses in detail that you can use infolinks with adsense ads already placed on site, and the reason is that both of these networks provides totally different types of ads that are easily distinguishable.

And as you can see, i am using them both from few months and till now i don’t have any problems, and there are other bloggers who are using both of them together from years without having any problem and i am sure that it will not cause any problem from you too.

So, you want another source of income including adsense, you can use infolinks along with adsense and earn more money.

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