Should you buy unmanaged hosting

If you are planning to start a blog or site or you already own a site/blog then you would definitely know about web hosting.If you don’t then, it is a space where your site exist.It is a server (a computer) which is connected to internet and your site files exist there.Every person in the world can access your site and your site is only live when the server is ON and connected to internet.

If you are planning to buy web hosting or planning to upgrade your hosting, then you must consider un-managed vps, because it is usually cheap and your site is hosted on single server unlike shared hosting where your site is hosting on a server which already hosts other thousands of sites.

Should you buy unmanaged vps

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What is vps:-

VPS stands for virtual private server.And there are two types of virtual private servers.One is called managed vps and other is called unmanaged vps.

Usually unmanaged vps is cheaper then managed vps and you will need to set up your server.But in managed vps you would not need to set up every thing.Hosting company will be responsible for it and that’s the reason unmanaged vps is cheaper than managed vps.

Pros and cons of unmanaged vps:-

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an unmanaged vps for your site.You must consider these before buying an unmanaged vps


  • You will have your own server where you can host any number of sites according to your will.
  • You can use it as VPN etc.
  • You can install anything according to your need.
  • It can handle large amount of traffic.
  • You will get your own ip.
  • It is cheaper.


  • It can be hard for a non techie to set up unmanaged vps.
  • You need to take care of security of your site, because it is less secure as you will have one ip. You can buy other ip address or use CDN etc.
  • You will have to pay for other things as well like cpanel etc but there are always free alternatives.

Should you buy unmanaged vps:-

If your site has high traffic and your shared hosting cannot manage it then you should buy an unmanaged vps becuasue if will increase your site speed and you will have your own server and it would be able to handle high traffic.

If you do’nt know anything about web hosting and have not any experience with shared hosting and wordpress etc, then you should not buy unmanaged vps because it take some effort to setup unmanaged vps and you would have to learn it or hire someone to do it for you.If you can hire someone then it good idea to buy an unmanaged vps.

If you are a non techie and still want to set up an unmanaged vps then you should read guides online because there are many tutorials and videos which can help you to set up your vps.I also learned it from online tutorials and you can do as well.You can also ask me here in comments if you are facing any issue.

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