How to build links in 2015

Link building is such a thing that would be consider by search engines for very long time for deciding the popularity of a page.So if you want to get traffic from search engines especially from google then you would have to work on link building because google focus more on back links than other search engines it is proved from experiments by many professional blogger.

So if you want to get more traffic from google in 2015 then you would need to know how to build links in 2015 so that you would be able to keep yourself away from spammy and other low quality links.

Link building in 2015:

Link building has changer a lot in last few year especially in 2014 when google have defined new standards of link building.So if you are going to build links in 2015, read the google webmasters guidelines first and then start your link building campaign.

Link building in 2015

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What google says about link building:-

Google is continuously hitting those sites which have low quality back links  with their different algorithm updates and if you want to remain safe from those updates, you would have to go for quality link building because site that have back links from related sites or pages are placed higher in SERPS than those that have many back links from irrelevant low quality sites/pages.

Here are some of the important ways to build links in 2015

To build quality links in 2015 you would need to do the same like 2014 but there may be some new updated for which you need to be prepared.You would have to make links from different sources and diversify your backlinks profile.It is also important to have a good mix of both do-follow and no-follow links which is considered natural.

Another important thing is that natural links do more benefit that the links that you build yourself and google will focus on this in 2015.Therefore, focus more on your content and spend more time on promoting it rather than making low quality links to it. Because when someone link to your site or post within their post, then this link is considered the best.For this you would need to make relations with bloggers in your niche and link to other and in return the will link to your posts as well.

The summary of this post is that if you want to rank for your posts in 2015 keep the updates of 2014 in mind and try to be more natural and it will help a lot.Using tools for link building etc can help only for short term and if you want long time benefit, you would need to focus on quality content and natural links.



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