How To Build Backlinks In 2017: The Correct Way

Backlinks are still the most dominant ranking factor in 2017 and will be for coming years because it is very hard for search engines to find the authority and popularity of a site.Google has said that they backlinks are not that much effective now then it was used to be.But various experiments have revealed that you can easily rank a site or page with lot of high quality backlinks and it is very hard to rank only with quality content.

So, if you want to rank your site in 2017, you should learn how to build backlinks in 2017 that are of high quality.And when you make high quality backlinks from other sites, you will also receive much traffic from those backlinks.So, it is like killing two birds with one stone.

So, if you want your site to be more popular in eyes of google and other search engines, then go and build high quailtiy links.And if you don’t know what high quality backlinks mean, read this post till end and learn how to build links effectively.

Learn how to build links

Link building in 2017:-

Many thinks about link building has changed in 2014 and it will continue to change in 2017.Because google want to show only high quality site in their first page and they don’t want to compromise on quality.And in order to provide quality, they look for sites that have backlinks from high authority and related sites.

With various algorithm updates in 2014, google have outranked many sites and they are working on it to make it even more better in 2017.Therefore, if you want to avoid any penalty in 2017 and future, you should focus on quality in terms of back links and not quantity.

link building in 2015

So, what are high quality backlinks:-

Now a days everyone advice to build high quailty backlinks.So, what are quality backlinks and how you can build then.

According to my experience and knowledge, those backlinks are of more quality in eyes of google and other search engines that provide value to readers.Like a relevant backlink from post body with related anchor text is worth than an irrelevant forum signature or a blog comment etc.

Here i am giving some clues about what quality backlinks are:

Natural backlinks-The most high quality backlinks:-

Natural backlinks, that your read make are of more quality then the one you make yourself.Because if a person read your site and get some benefit from your content and then mention your post link in his related post, it means that your content is of high quality and he want to share his knowledge which his gained from your site with his readers.

Now this type of links caries much weight and that’s the reason link building has been very difficult in 2014 and 2017.Because you cannot place link in other posts except if you write guest post etc and the site owner allow you to place your links in your post.And that the reason google like these links very much.


These links also caries weight because when someone place your link as cite, it means readers can benefit from your content and they are almost same as content in post body.

Comment links:-

Links in forum comments (not signature) or question answer site like yahoo answers etc are also important because they help people getting answers of their question.But these type of links should be from high authority sites and that sites should be moderated because when comments are moderated then there is no spam and your links are of high quality.

Social links:-

Social matrices are getting importance day by day.Because more and more people are using these social sites and if people share and like your posts/pages in these sites.It means your content is worthy to people. That’s why google and other search engines are giving more importance to it then it was before.

Seo experts have experimented on this and ranked sites only on social signals.And it shows that social signal will get more importance in coming future.But now a days people are buying and selling these likes and shares and google will have to think about this as well.And may be in future google may have some standers for social links as well like now a day google have standers for backlinks.So,if you want to rank your site in 2017 start building your site profiles on all the famous social site today.

How to build these high quality backlinks:

There are some ways to build these high quality backlinks.You must follow these bellow ways to make high quality backlinks in 2017 that are according to google standards:

High quality content:

Quality content has always remain the top most priority of bloggers and many bloggers have earned all the backlinks just on quality content.If your content is of high quality, you don’t need to waste time on link building.Because people will naturally link to your content.And as i mentioned above that natural links are the best links in 2017 and will give your site good ranking than other backlinks.

Guest posts:

Google has penalize many site because of low quail backlinks from guest posts.But it doesn’t means that you cannot rank your site from these links.If you do guest posting wisely linking to your relevant posts in post body then you can definitively rank your site.The only think you need is to write high quality guest posts and include link to your related posts inside the post and not in author bio.This will boost your site ranking in serps.

Do follow comments:

This is not that much effective but still if you have other high quality links, you can increase its number and diversify your back link profile by making some backlinks from do follow comment blogs.It will also help to send some traffic as well.And some of them will become your regular readers and friends.

Back links from Forum and question answer site:

As i mentioned earlier, that these of links are considered good, even if they are no follow but still if will help in ranking as well as it will bring good traffic.So, helping others by giving them links to your posts will also help you in ranking.

Advice from seo experts:

And according to seo experts, you should diversify your back link profile will different types of links.No follow as well as do follow.So, if you want to follow this guide, don’t just follow one method to make all the links.It will harm your seo. Always build different types of links and your backlink profile will look natural.


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