Blogging vs freelance writing-which one is better for you

Are you a writer or want to be a wirter and earn online?If yes, then you would be searching several terms in google like how to earn online via writing,how writers can earn online,how to earn by writing articles online etc etc.
In most cases you will many ways to earn from your writing but to be successful online, you must focus on one way of online earning otherwise you will not earn anything or earn less.Therefore before sticking to any way of online earning, you first should think about the pros and cons of that way of earning online and then select that way which suits your needs and requirements.

blogging vs freelance writing

Popular ways to earn online via writing:-

There are two most popular ways of online earning which i am going to discuss here and compare both of the with the detailed pros and cons of both so that you can easily decide which one two choose.One of them is called blogging and the other is called freelance writing.

What is blogging:-

Blogging means to manage and maintain a blog and a blog is a type of dynamic website that contains content.There are many ways to earn from a blog such as selling products,selling advertising spaces,paid reviews etc.

You can find more about blogging here:What is blog and blogging

Running your own blog is like having your own business because your blog is your online property.And you need to do a lot of work before starting to earn from it.You need to find ways to bring traffic and find ways for that such as learning seo and then applying those techniques etc.After continuous hard work you can then earn regular money that in most cases is passive income.

What is freelance writing:-

Freelance writing means paid writing for other.In this case you will not be writing for your own site/blog but other people will hire you and you will write for them according to their instructions.Unlike blogging this will earn you quick money but you will have to depend on others for your income.

Blogging vs freelance writing-the pros and cons of both:-

Blogging vs freelance writing is one of the most important topic because many writers start their online career with one or other or with both ways but latter on find that they are can do more better with the other way.Therefore, before starting your online career, you must learn everything about the way of online earning in which you are going to spend your time.Otherwise you will lose your precious time and money.

Pros and cons of blogging:-


  • Blogging is your own business.
  • You can earn unlimited from blogging.
  • You can work according to your own will.
  • You can earn from different ways.
  • Blogging makes you famous.
  • Blogging enable you to help many people.
  • You can blog at any topic.
  • You can start a blog for free as well as your own paid blog.
  • You can work with as a team as well.
  • You are independent if you blog for money.You can work and invest according to your needs.


  • Blogging takes some time to start earning.
  • It needs a lot of hard work in the beginning.
  • There is no guarantee that you will make money from your blog.
  • You need to learn seo and other marketing techniques as well.
  • You will have to take care of security etc as well.
  • You will have to find different ways to get traffic.

Pros and cons of freelance writing:-


  • It is a quick way to earn online from your writings.
  • You can work according to your will.
  • You will be paid directly for your work.
  • You will not need to learn additional things.
  • You will not be worried about traffic etc.
  • You can do it part time as well as full time.


  • You are dependent on others.You will earn if you get orders.
  • Most of the people will not pay you according to your will.
  • It will take some time to make clients.
  • You will have to writing according to others need.
  • You will have to write on different topics.
  • You will have to deliver your work on time.

Your turn:-

Now after reading the pros and cons of both, it is your turn to pick on of the above and start to build your online career.

If you want to earn some quick money by just writing for others then go for freelace writing.Register your account in sites like fiverr,elance and odesk etc and try to get a few orders.

But if you want to start your online business then start you first blog.You may need to invest a bit first by registering domain and buying hosting,although you can start free blog as well but if you want to start your online business then you should start your own professional blog.

If you are still confuse then you can try both at first by creating account in the above mentioned freelancing sits as well as starting a free blog at blogger.After experiencing both you can choose one as your online career.


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