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If you want to start an online career as an online writer then blogging is one of the best way to start an online career.Those people who have good skill of writing and want to earn some dececnt money from internet can start writing right now on any subject and can earn online.But there are many ways to earn online from writing articles and when they search on internet they get confused because they dont know where to start.So in this post i am going to share with you how to start an online career as a blogger.And why your should select blogging as an online career.

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Why you should select blogging as online career:-

   If you want to earn a living from online writing then there are many opportunities for you but every one has its own pros and cons.Blogging is also one them.Here are a few pros and cons of blogging as an online career.


1. If you start blogging as an online career then you will be your own boss.No one will reject your posts and you will work according to your own will.

2.Blogging will make you popular and your earning will increases day by day.
3.You will get many offers for your services.
4.You will get the complete revenue if you are writing on your own blog.


1.Starting earning from your blog will take some time so you should have patience.
2.You will have to do a lot of hard work to promote your blog and make readers.
3.You will have to learn seo (search engine optimization) and build backlinks etc with is one of the most necessary part of search engine optimization and requires a lot of hard work.
4.It will take time to gain popularity and make clients.

How to start blogging as online career:-

    After reading the above advantages and disadvantages of blogging as an online career,if you consider to start blogging then you should keep the following things in mind.
  • You should have patience.
  • You should give value to your readers.
  • You should act as a blogger not as writer.
  • You should know that blogging is basically solving others and sharing your knowlegde not earning.
  • You should be social.
  • You should be able to answer each and every question.
  • You should be able to do a lot of hard work.
    If you can work hard and fulfil the above basic requirements of blogging then you are ready to go.

If you are choosing blogging as part time or full time job then keep in mind that you are solving your readers problems.(Although blogging is a business and you can earn a good amount each month).

Start blogging:-

  Ok if you are ready to go.You should search a lot about how to start blogging because if you dont have knowledge about blogging then there are more chances of failure.

Choose niche carefully:-

   The first step should be selecting a niche(topic).It is very important.You should select the niche in which you are expert and can write a large number of articles.
  Also keep in mind to choose a niche that is profitable.Before starting a blog.Do a comprehensive keyword research and register the domain with your keywords if possible.

Choose blogging platform:-

   If you are starting blogging for money then your blog should look professional and i will recommend self hosted wordpress.
  You can also go with blogger which is free.

Use custom domain:-

  Using a custom top level domain such as .com .net .org is very necessary because if you are blogging for money then you should have top level domain because ad networks such as adsense etc will not approve your blog if you don’t have a top level domain.

Learn about blogging:-

Regularly read blogs that give different tips about blogging and seo because if you want to increase your traffic which meane increase revenue then you should keep yourself update with seo etc.


  If you want to earn online and want to start earning from your own blog then you should work hard and increase your knowledge in blogging.There are many ways to earn from a blog and you can earn a good amount as well but you should consider the above facts in mind.
  If you donot want to start blogging and want to earn from some other source then you can join sites that pay you to write articles.It is also a good way to earn but they have their own standards and you will depend on them and you will also not get complete revenue because they will also take their commision.So in my openion blogging is the best way to earn online.
   What are your openions share them here in comments.


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