My 2 years blogging experience and mistakes-What you can learn from it?

It has been almost two years now that i am blogging.I started blogging as a fun and hobby because i read a lot of inspirational stories about different bloggers and then i knew that blogging can make you famous as well.

I loved this thing so much that i used to read many posts daily and sped a lot of time reading about blogging and famous bloggers.Then i decided that i would start my own blogs as well but as a hobby and not for money.

After blogging for more than two years, now i am going to tell you about my blogging experience and mistakes which i made in these two years.It will help newbies to avoid these mistakes and reach their goal easily.

My blogging experience and mistakes:-

So, in these two years i have learned a lot and i have done alot of experiments as well and i have avoided many important things as well but the good thing is that now i doing good and my sites traffic and revenue is increasing day by day.

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My blogging experiences till date:-

From the day one till now, i have learned many things and i am learning new things every day because in blogging world, you will have to learn continuously from other bloggers as well as from your own performance and experiments especially in SEO.

When i started to read about blogging, my interest in it grew and i used to read a lot of articles daily and then i wanted to start my own blog but i wanted it with my own domain which wasted my time but then i managed to buy one domain and i started a blog with it on blogger.I used to write on it regularly where i got a free time, in college and home.Then one day while searching for hosting companies i found a local host which were giving hosting and a domain at very affordable cost.I bought it with this domain then i started blogging on two blog but after that i created several more sites and it become hard to manage all.Which i think was my biggest mistake in blogging career.

Now i have four blogs and three niche sites out of which i work regularly on three blogs and one niche site which i have started a few days ago for some experimenting.

I also got my adsense account approved in the last year and i learnt a few things about how to set up your site to get adsense approval.

My blogging mistakes:-

I have done a lot of mistakes and still doing many but i am working on it to avoid them in future.Here is the list of some of my blogging mistakes which you should avoid because they can harm your blogging career.

1:The biggest mistake:Starting multiple blogs:-

As i said earlier that i think that my biggest mistake is that i started blogs one after another and i was not able to focus on all of them because it requires a lot of time and a student cannot give all of his time to just blogging.Even pro bloggers like Darren Rowse etc manage only a few blogs who are full time bloggers.

If you want to succeed and gain fame in blogging then one blog is enough for that but in that case you would have to take care of some things like you would have to backup your blog more regularly and not practice black hat seo etc because if that blog is penelised or hacked etc than you will lose all of your efforts and hard work but if have multiple blogs then if your one blog is hurt then you would have another blog which will make you money.But still my advice is to go with one blog and take care of these things.After that blog gains popularity and its traffic increases, you can then start another one.

Here are some of guides which you should follow if you run a single blog.

2:Not giving time to seo:-

Although i was blogging as a hobby but now i wish could work on link building and some other things as well because i focused only on content writing and on-page seo because i was blogging as a hobby.But now i have started to blog part time and i will focus on link building.It will be one of my important tasks because i have noted that with only quality content it is very much hard to rank and earn from your blog.

I am also planning to use some of automated softwares for my niche site experiment to find whether it will help in ranking or not.

3:Not practicing things which i learned:-

I done this mistake of learning everything but applying none.Still i read many blogs daily but didn’t get enough time to apply those techniques on my own blog but now i am going to practice some white hat seo on my primary blogs and some gray hat seo on my niche site to learn things myself.

4:Not giving enough time:-

I done the mistake of not giving enough time to my blogging.Many people after reading the success stories of bloggers think that it is the easiest way to earn but actually it is not.It is very hard if you are a newbie.You are required to learn and experiment many things in the beginning and put a lot of hard work then you may get success but still it is not guaranteed in the blogging world.Therefore if you are serious about blogging then dedicate a lot of time to it and follow pro bloggers and experiment the same on your blog.After trying continuously for some months if you see no growth then you would be doing something wrong.Then you should start with new idea.

5:Started blog on competitive niche:-

This is also my biggest mistake that started my first blog (that was on blogger) in a very competitive niche.Although this blog is also in very competitive niche but i like to write about blogging and i am doing it not for money but the other ones which i started was my fault.Now i have started two sites which are easy to grow and i they are doing good.

So it was all about my two years blogging experience and mistakes and i think you would have learned a lot from my mistakes and will not repeat them.If you are thinking that you are also doing any mistake and want to know about it.Share it with us in the comment section below and i will be glad to discuss it with you.


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