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If you want to become an online writer and want guidelines then we are here to help you.First you all you should decide if you should choose your online career as a writer or not.
For, this read my detailed guide which will help you to decide if you can earn good from online writing or not.After reading that post if you think that you can earn some good money from writing articles online and you are passionate about it then come here and read other posts that will help you to choose your online writing field.
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How to start your online career as online writer

How should you start:-

After reading the above post, if you think you can be a good online writer or blogger, you should choose your field very carefully because you should only do that work which you love to do.
Here to help you i am giving you a few option from which you can pick up the best option for yourself.

Start blogging:

This is the best option, which i like the most.It has unlimited potential of earning but it needs a lot of effort and patience.You will also need to learn search engine optimization for this in detail.And you would do off-page seo as well.
  Here are some pros and cons of blogging according to my experience.

Pros and cons of blogging:-


  • It is best way to earn online.
  • You would earn more money in this field as compared to other.
  • You would work according to your own needs.
  • Your earning will be totally passive.
  • You can work any time,anywhere.
  • It is your own business and you can sale it.
  • You can expand your business according to your will.


  • It takes a lot of effort.
  • It needs patience,
  • It needs some investment as well.
  • You are required to do many other things as well except writing.

Here is a detailed guide about advantages and disadvantages of blogging for money.

If you want to start blogging as your career than read these guides.It will help you to find your best platfrom and start your professional blog with low cost.
This is also one of the best way to start writing online and get paid for your post.These type of sites share their revenue with writers and you can earn from adsense etc.Most of them have their own advertizing system.
Problem with these type of sites is that they pay very low and you need to put same efforts which you put in blogging.But here content will not belong to you and the site for which write will be owner of your content.
But still, those who cannot invest to create their own blog can start their blogging career with these sites.
Here are reviews of some of well known revenue sharing sites.
Hubpages review and step by step guide to earn from hubpages.
Wikinut review and guide to earn online.

Earn from freelance writing:-

This is one of the best way to earn online as a writer.Other people will hire you for writing tasks and you will get paid for it.It is easy then the above two because you don’t need much knowledge of seo but still some basic knowledge is required.
You can earn good money from freelancing, when your reputation increases.In this field your writing skills are everything because here, you are working for other people and they will want to hire best writer.So if you writing quality is very high, you would not face any difficulties.
Here are some of guides, which will help you to start your freelancing career.
How to earn online from fiverr

Importance of seo:-

Now if you want to start your online career as a writer, seo is must for you because without it you would not earn much.For basic knowledge of seo read my guides and after reading these, you will definitely know everything about basic seo.

Final words:-

My aim from this post is to help all those people who are good writer but dont know about blogging and online writing.And after reading all of these people these people will be able to start their successful online career.
If you still need any help i am here to help you and solve your problem.Enter your problem in comment section below and i will do my best to help you out.

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