How to backup blogger template

If you are using blogger platform as your CMS(content management system), then you would be aware about editing template and will reqularly add and remove codes from there in order to make changes in your blog and make it look better.

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The next time when you want to add or remove some code in your blogger templete then first backup your template because if something went wrong and you dont’t know much about coding then you will not be able to bring it back to the early position.

In such situation backup really helps.You can easily upload the backup and do the changes again.

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So here is a step by step guide on how to backup your blogger template.

Step by step guide to backup blogger template:-

Step 1:-

Log in to your blogger blog and select your blog.From dashboard navigate to template.

backkup blogger template step 1

Step 2:-

click on backup/restore on the top right side.

backkup blogger template step 2

Step 3:-

A pop up will open, click on Download full template as shown in image below.

backkup blogger template step 3

Step 4:-

Save the file on your hard drive.

After following this procedure, you will have the copy of your template and you are free to do any changes.If something went wrong you can easily upload this template.


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