Backup your blogger blog (A step by step guide)

If you have a blog on blogger then,you will know about the Terms and conditions of google that they can delete your blog any time without any warning.So if you want to remain safe and protect your hard work and do not want to lose all your articles and comments etc then you should backup your blogger blog regularly.

There is also a chance that someone hack your blogger blog.Although it is hard to hack a blogger blog but you should remain safe and should take safety precautions.

For this you will need to back up your blogger blog.In blogger you cannot make automatic backups because it runs on the servers of google.So you would need to backup manually.

It is not time consuming process.It just needs a few minutes and you can do it regularly after updating your blog.

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Steps to backup a blogger blog:-

Step 3:-

To begin with the process login to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

Step 2:-

Navigate to settings and select options from a sub menu.

Step 3:-

Find export blog on the top of page and click on it.

Step 4:-

A pop up will open, from there click on download blog and save it on your hard drive.

Congratulation,now you have a copy of your blog with includes all of your blog posts and comments etc.

whenever google deletes your blog you can use this backup to create a new blog.You can easily use this copy to upload your blog on wordpress or you can create a new blog on blogger and upload the whole thing again.

How to upload a backed up blog:-

To upload this backed up blog simple you will click on import (in step 3) and upload your blog from your hard drive.

This was a short tutorial on how to back up your blogger blog.It will help you when you lose your blog or when you migrate your blog from blogger to wordpress.

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