How to add facebook like box to your blog

If you have a blog, and also a Facebook page.Then you should add Facebook like box to your blog.Because it has several benefits.The first benefit is that you would get more likes from your readers.And your readers will have a look at your posts every time they log in to Facebook.

Another benefit is that it takes less time to like a Facebook page from like box than to subscribe etc.So, you would not loose new readers and they will be converted to regular readers.

There are many more benefits of adding Facebook like box to blog as well.All of them are mentioned in the below post:

Step by step guide to add Facebook like box to your blog:

If you have created page for your blog then follow the below guide.But if don’t have fan page for your blog, then read the guide from above link and create your page.After that come back here and learn how to add a Facebook fanpage like box in your blog.

Best place for Facebook like box in blog:

If you want to add facebook like box in your blog.And want to place it in such a place where most of the people like it then it is advised to add it in pop up or in side bar.

Here are some of the places where you can add your facebook like box:

1.Pop up:

This one converts well.Because when someone visits your blog, he/she will be automatically shown your like box.But adding a pop up to your site can have some negative effects.Like it can harm your site seo.It also effects user experience and increase bounce rate.

So, if you want quick likes and more conversion rate, then you should add your facebook like box in pop up.


Header is another place, where you can add a facebook like box but again it is not appropriate and effect user experience.


You can also add your facebook fan page like box in your blog footer.But it will not be covered well and less people will click on it.But if you have no free space in your sidebar etc and it is not that much important for your than other things, then you can place it in footer.

4.After post:

It is also a good idea to add your like box after post, so that after reading your high quality posts readers will like your page and become regular readers.

5.Side bar:

Side bar is the place where most of the bloggers place their facebook like box because it is covered well.And also it doesn’t effect user experience.So, if you want to add your like box in the best place of your blog, then you should choose side bar for it.

There are two most famous blogging platforms.That are:blogger and WordPress.If you have blog on any of these, then follow the steps below and add Facebook like box in your blog.

Get code for your facebook like box:

To get code for your Facebook like box, click here and add your Facebook page link.Then edit box according to your will.And click on Get code.Then copy the iframe code and page it in layout in blogger and in widgets in WordPress.After copying the code follow the below steps.

get code for facebook like box

How to add facebook fan page like box to blogger:

Blogger is the most easy to use platform.And if you are using blogger as your CMS, then you can add like box in 2 min.After copying the code follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Login to your blogger dashboard.

Step 2:

Click on layout, from the menu on left side.

add facebook like box in blogger

Step 3:

In the side bar click on add widget.

how to add facebook like box to blogger blog

Step 4:

Select add html and page your code there and click on save.Check your blog and you will see like box visible on side bar.You can also add it to header or footer etc from layout.

How to add Facebook like box to WordPress:

Adding facebook like box to wordpress is pretty much same as adding it to blogger.

Step 1:

Login to your wordpress dashboard.And click on appearance then select widgets.

add facebook like box to blog

Step 2:

Click on text and then add it to side bar or header etc according to your will.Then paste your code and click on save and your like box will be live at the moment when you click save.

add facebook like box to wordpress

After following the above step, a face-book like box will be visible on your blog.You can move it up and down both in blogger and WordPress and set it according to your choice.

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