How to add a custom domain to blogger blog

If you have stared blogging and want to add a custom domain to blogger blog then this post will help you because in this post i have mentioned the step by step process on how to add a custom domain to blogger blog with images.

If you are a blogger and have already a blog then you would know the importance of custom domain.

As there are many advantages of custom domain but every beginner cannot afford to buy hosting and use wordpress as the blogging platform.Therefore they choose blogger as their blogging platform and add a custom domain to it to make his blog look professional and to make it eligible for adsense and other advertisement networks.

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add a custom domain to blogger

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Advantages of using a custom domain on blogger blog:-

If you dont know why you should add a custom domain to blogger blog to make it professional then here are the points which will convince you to use custom domain on blogger blog.

  • If makes you blog more professional.
  • It makes it easy to approve adsense and other ad networks.
  • It help you rank your pages higher in SERPS (search engine results pages)
  • You can have a your own email if you have a custom domain like [email protected]
  • It is easier for people to remember custom domains then free long .blogspot domains.
  • It help you grow your site and business fast then the free domain.
  • It doesnt cost much but the benefits are more worthy.

Step by step guide to add a custom domain to a blogger blog with images:-

Here is a step by step guide to add a custom domain.Unlike other platforms like wordpress where you are supposed to update the nameservers only to start your blog and that is also in the case if you have bought hosting and domain from different companies,in blogger you are required to add the Cname value under dns and point them to blogger hosting.

Step 1:-

Login to blogger and select your blog.Click on settings and then click on add a custom domain which is shown in image below.

add a custom domain to blogger 1


Step 2:

After it add you domain address and click on save.Blogger needs verification of your domain.For that note the Cname value and add it to your domain.

add custom domain to blogger 2


Note these values highlighted above.

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Step 3:-

Now login to your domain registrar account and select your domain.Find the option to update dns records and add the above copied value there and save it.

Now its all done.Give it some time to connect to blogger servers.Leave upto 2 or 3 days.During this time check your blog by entering your custom domain address in your browser to find if it is working or not.

In my case it took only a few hours but as i mentioned above it can take upto 3 days,so be patient and enjoy blogging.

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