This blog is based on blogging and contains all the information regarding blogging,seo,blogging tips,blogging tricks,blog monetization and tutorials related to blogging.

Purpose of this blog:-

I create this blog for the following reasons:-

  • To teach the exact meaning of blogging.
  • To share my experiences about blogging.
  • To teach search engine optemization tips.
  • To help you start blog and earn online from your blog.
  • To help you to make your online presence and build your own brand.
  • To share new tips and tricks regarding blogging and search engine optemization.


About admin:-

Hamza is the admin and founder of this blog.He is a college student and run several blogs.He likes to write on his blog and is a part time blogger.He is passionate about blogging and therefore he started this blog to help people solving their problems in blogging and other associated topics.You can reach him here.