8 steps to write a perfect blog post

Writing a perfect blog post is a skill that makes your readers read your post with great interest.It not only includes writing a good article but also to make search engine optemized because this is the difference between a writter and a blogger.A blogger write a post more appeling to reader as well as search engine.So below is the step by step guide how to write a perfect blog post.
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Step 1.Research on your topic:-

   To make your posts better then your niche blogs you must have a good information about the perticular topic you are going to write.So a research about the post before writing the post is necessary.Read a few articels on the same post and then combine all the information and write it in your post.(never copy from other blog,write in your own words)

Step2.Do a keyword researh:-

  To optemize your post for search engine,keyword research is important as it guides search engine where to index your post and a proper keyword increase your SERPs.So as a blogger it  is important because if there are no readers there is no meaning of blogging.

Step 3.Interesting titles:-

 To attract visitors to your blog you should make your blog post titles attractive.Because there will be many articels on the same topic but what makes your post more appeling to read is the blog title becuse they are the one which represents your posts.

Step 4.Breif introduction of the topic:-

 In the first paragraph introduce the topic in easy words which can clear the concept of the reader because if they didnt understand the topic how will they read the whole post.And the result will be they will leave your site and will search for another.

Step5.Post an image:-

 Post an image to your blog post that describe your topic because photos can make them understand about the post and they get the idea of topic.Also it helps when someone visits your blog then after the titlel it is the post image that make them read your post.

Step6.Heading and subheading:-

 Writing your blog post with heading and subheadings makes it easy to read and understand.Also with the help of heading and subheading your post looks good then the post without heading and it also makes reading the post interesting.


In the last paragraph summarize your post in a few lines or if you have written your personal experience or a story then write the conclusion.Because it describe the whole blog posts in a few lines and has good impressions as compared to ending your article directly.


Interlinking is very important as it reduces bounce rate and is very important for seo because it makes your new readers, also it help search engine bots to index your previous posts that are not indexed.
   These are the few ways to write a perfect blog post.If i have missed something please share it in the comments.

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