4 Things that will boost your blog visitors

In blogging world, blog traffic is the main thing. The main goal of maximum bloggers is to earn money. But if a blogger doesn’t want to earn than still he would want more visitors. Because if a person blogs, than it means that he/she wants someone to read his posts.

And that the reason everyone is struggling for getting more and more visitors. If, you also want more visitors to come to your site and read your content, then read this guide and learn about 4 important things that will boost your blog visitors and ultimately your blog regular readers will also increase.

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How to increase blog readers:

Blog readers are those people that visit your blog regularly to find something new of their interest. They are your regular readers. They are the best source of any blog traffic because due to these people the traffic remains constant.

It is very hard to make regular readers. The most important thing for making regular readers is quality content. Because only those people will become your readers who like you content and get advantage from it.

Then another important thing is targeted traffic. If the traffic is targeted, most of them will convert to your regular readers. So the two important things that you would need to make regular readers is first, high quality content that solves problems and targeted traffic to that high quality content.

Now, the question arises how to get targeted traffic? This post is based on this question. The below mentioned points will tell you how to get targeted traffic to your blog so that you could make regular readers of your blog.Things that will boost your blog visitors

1. Low competition keywords:

According to my experience in blogging world, one of the easiest thing to get high quality targeted traffic is google and other search engines. But it is very hard for a newbie (who know only about basic seo) to rank his site and posts in google. To solve this problem, the best way is to find keywords with low or zero competition. This will help you to rank with your basic knowledge of seo.

I have been blogging since three years but recently I have been succeed in getting some traffic from google and that only due to low competition keywords. My pages are ranking on the first place at first page of google for some very low competition keywords.

2. Drive traffic from social networking sites:

This is one of the best way to drive traffic. Although the traffic is not that much targeted as traffic from google but still if you have related pages on facebook etc you can get some targeted traffic. Another good thing about this is that there are many social networking and social bookmarking site. And you can use all of them to drive good traffic. If you content is very good many of these visitors will turn to regular readers.

3. Blog comments:

Blog commenting is the best way to make readers as well as friends in your niche. If you have a broad niche then you can make blogging relations with other bloggers in your niche by commenting regularly on their blogs. They way they will also visit your site and comment on your posts as well. Another good thing is that highly directed traffic from that site will flow to your site. Although traffic would be less but most of it would convert if you have better content then your competitors.

4. Discussion forums and question answers sites:

This is one of the best way to flow targeted traffic to your blog. All you need to do is to find threads in various related discussion forums and questions on likes like yahoo answers and post your post or site link in question. This will help people to visit your site and find answer to their questions. This way most of them will convest. But remember not to spam in these site otherwise, you comments would be deleted and your account would be banned.

Final words:

If you want to make regular readers then follow the above important things to boost your blog visitors and traffic, and if you follow it correctly I am sure that it will help a lot. Because I myself have tried this and it worked for me and would work for you too if you do everything correctly. If you have any suggestion or want to ask anything, you can use the comment form bellow to reach us.



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