Still thinking to start a blog, then read this

If you have read somewhere about blog and blogging and you still haven't started your own blog then you should take action now and start your blog today. There could be many reasons to start a blog.So if you are confused to start a blog or not then first read this post and decide. Why you should start a blog If after reading the above mentioned post if you want to start a blog then decide … [Read More...]

Comluv for blogger blog-A step by step guide to install.

install comluv on blogger

If you are a blogger and likes to comment on blogs then you would be aware of comluv. If not, then it is a plugin which add latest post of the commentator at the end of his/her comment automatically. If you have blog ¬†and people visits your blog and write comments then you should install comluv plugin to appreciate them and gift them for reading your articles. This plugin is for self … [Read More...]

Some common ways to build links-beginners guide

linkbuilding guide for beginners

If you are a blogger then you would definitely know the importance of link building. Many blogger want to build links to their blog but lack the ideas where to get links from and that why i am writing this post to tell you how to build links from different sources. Recommended:How to create gravatar pofile <Photo credit> Some ways to build links:- Most of you would build links … [Read More...]

How to create a gravatar

how to create gravatar

If you are a blogger, then you must have seen other people images in comments. Basically this is added automatically due to a software called gravatar.It recognizes avatar automatically and you … [Read More...]

Some important blog pages

If you run any type of blog either personal blog or niche blog, you need to create some important pages because without these pages your blog will be incomplete and unprofessional. Creating pages … [Read More...]

How to add a contact form in blogger

Add a contact page to blogger

Most blogger start their blogging career with blogger/blogspot blog.But as blogger has not plugins like wordpress where you can add a contact form just by one click using a plugin called contact form … [Read More...]

Add a contact page in wordpress blog.

Add a contact page to wordpress 1

If you are a wordpress user then you are lucky because adding anything in wordpress requires only few clicks and few minutes just because of wordpress plugins. Same is the case with adding a … [Read More...]

How to create privacy policy page for your blog

how to create a free privacy policy page for your blog

If you have created a blog or want to create one then you should also create a privacy policy page for your blog. There are two reasons for that.One is if you want to monetize your blog with ad … [Read More...]

Create a professional looking about page in blogger

how to create a professional looking about page in blogger

If you are using a blogger blog, then you can create an awesome about us page by using css coding in your page. In wordpress,you cannot design such a good looking about page as i have tried it with … [Read More...]

How to delete a blogger blog permanently

delete blogger blog 1

If you are a blogger user and want to delete a blogger blog permanently because you don't use it or want to create a new blog,or want to start a self hosted wordpress blog or for any reason,then this … [Read More...]