My first niche site case study and success report

my micro niche site success-traffic stats

Niche site are the most profitable site because they focus on one topic. And that’s the reason that niche sites are getting popular day by day. And many people are earning good money by making niche sites and micro niche sites. The reason of success of niche sites is that if your site has all the content on one topic ... Read More »

How to delete theme from wordpress

  Do you have a wordpress blog, and you have installed a lot of themes? if yes then you should delete all the unused these from your wordpress dashboard. The reason is that, if you install too much theme your hosting disk space will be consumed and another important thing is that, you site would be slow down that could ... Read More »

You cannot get success in blogging without these 3 rules

get success in blogging

Blogging seems to be the easiest way of earning but, according to my experience, it is the best way of earning and not the easiest. The reason is that it takes a lot of effort to start earning from your blog.And most of the newbies does various mistakes which only leads to failure. Here, in this post i am going ... Read More »

Protect your adsense account against invalid clicks

protect your adsense account from invalid clicks

Google adsense have certain policies.And if one violate them, he/she might lose his precious adsense account.And google may ban him forever for being a publisher of google adsense program. One of these point in google policies is that you should not click your own ad nor you encourage anyone to click on your ad.Therefore if you accidentely click on your ... Read More »

How to build backlinks in 2015

link building in 2015

Backlinks are still the most dominant ranking factor in 2015 and will be for coming years because it is very hard for search engines to find the authority and popularity of a site.Google has said that they backlinks are not that much effective now then it was used to be.But various experiments have revealed that you can easily rank a ... Read More » vs vs vs vs

There are many blogging platforms and many blogs exist on different blogging platforms, but there are some popular blogging platforms that are used by majority of bloggers.And they provide the best features out there in the blogging world. IF you are planing to start your first blog.Then read the comparison between these three blogging platforms and choose the one according ... Read More »

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