Wordrpess.org vs blogger.com vs wordpress.com

wordpress.org vs blogger.com vs wordpress.com

There are many blogging platforms and many blogs exist on different blogging platforms, but there are some popular blogging platforms that are used by majority of bloggers.And they provide the best features out there in the blogging world. IF you are planing to start your first blog.Then read the comparison between these three blogging platforms and choose the one … [Read more...]

My 2 years blogging experience and mistakes-What you can learn from it?

blogging experience and mistakes

It has been almost two years now that i am blogging.I started blogging as a fun and hobby because i read a lot of inspirational stories about different bloggers and then i knew that blogging can make you famous as well. I loved this thing so much that i used to read many posts daily and sped a lot of time reading about blogging and famous bloggers.Then i decided that i … [Read more...]

Blogging vs freelance writing-which one is better for you

blogging vs freelance writing

Are you a writer or want to be a wirter and earn online?If yes, then you would be searching several terms in google like how to earn online via writing,how writers can earn online,how to earn by writing articles online etc etc. In most cases you will many ways to earn from your writing but to be successful online, you must focus on one way of online earning otherwise you … [Read more...]

How to do keyword research for niche sites

keyword research for niche sites 4

If you are planning to start a niche site and thinking about the most important part that is the keyword research, then you are at the right place. Here i am going to write a step by step process to do keyword research for niche sites. If you don't know about niche sites and want to know about it and how to start one then read this post first and then come here and … [Read more...]

Step by step guide to start niche site

how to stat niche site

If you are a blogger and want to earn some quick cash from blogging and blogs then you should consider starting micro niche sites because they are easy to rank and requires less effort then competitive authority sites. Many blogger start their blogging career to earn some money out of it but unfortunately majority of them quit after a few months. The reason of their … [Read more...]

How to add pdf button to wordpress

how to add pdf button to wordpress

Most of the time bloggers needs their blog post in pdf format.Because you can submit you posts to some sites like slideshare etc only as a pdf.To do so, they search for softwares and sites that convert webpages to pdf format. But today, i am going to tell you about a plugin that will add downlaod pdf and print button at the end of your posts.It will also help your … [Read more...]

Ways to add adsense code in wordpress blog

add adsense ad in wordpress blog

Every blogger wants to become an adsense publisher because it is the best and high paying ad network and is owned by google.So if adsense team has just approved your application and you want to know how to add adsense code in your wordpress blog than you are at the right place. And if you still have not an approved adsense account then go and apply for it here.But … [Read more...]

Some quick tips for adsense approval

tips to get adsense approved

Now a days every new blogger start blogging just for the sake for earning.And they think that they can only earn if they have adsense ads appearing on their blogs. They work hard for few days and then apply for adsense without reading their policies.And when they reject their application, they quit blogging and all of their hard work and time is wasted. Now after … [Read more...]

My first niche site project

From a few days, i was searching for different keywords on long tail pro and yesterday i found a keyword which has more than 45 thousand monthly searches per month and very low competition. I use to read Nichepursuits of Spencer haws regularly and have some knowledge about niche sites.So when yesterday i found that keyword i decided to give it and try and if it works … [Read more...]

My seo and case study experiment (update 1)

A few weeks ago i started a seo experiment and case study on one of my old blog and now i am here with the firs good news. Here is the first post in which i mentioned my goals for my blog:Seo case study and experiment. My goals:- Here are some of my goal for my blog and in this experiment i am working on it.Some of them are: Create high quality content on regular … [Read more...]